Data shows increased need

By Wayne Allen

The Ohio Association of Food Banks (OAFB) released information recently indicating a greater number of Ohioans qualify for help from food banks. The data also shows a greater number of people in Scioto County.

OAFB data shows an increase in households with incomes at or below 200 percent of federal poverty level in 80 of 88 Ohio Counties. For a family of three the income threshold is considered $40,000, according to a Scioto County Profile, prepared by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The profile shows that by federal standards 22.2 percent of residents in Scioto County are considered to live in poverty. The number of people in Scioto County living in poverty below the age of 18 is 31.9 percent of the population. The profile shows there were 79,277 people living in Scioto County in 2011.

The per capita income for residents in Scioto County in 2010 was $27,953, in Ohio $36,162 and in the United States $39,937. The profile indicates the per capita income of a region is a good barometer of its economic health.

The information from the OAFB breaks data on the increased number of people that qualify for help from food banks by county.

Data shows that Adams County leads the state with 50 percent of its population or 14,165 people or 4 in 10 people, eligible for help from food banks. Scioto County is ranked eighth in the state with 45, 72 percent or 34,091 people qualifying for assistance.

Pike County ranks fourth in the state with 48.18 percent of its population or 13,461 people qualifying for assistance. Jackson County rants fifth in the state with 47.67 percent of its population or 15,499 people qualifying for assistance.

In the region Lawrence County is farthest from the top, coming in at 25th with 40.03 percent of its population or 24,504 people qualifying for assistance.

“Ohio families are not gaining ground since the end of the Great Recession,” said Lisa-Hamler-Fugitt, Executive Director or the Ohio Association of Foodbanks in a released statement. “In fact, now an estimated 3,859,814 Ohioans are eligible for help from our hunger relief network because their household incomes are below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. That’s more than a third of our state.”

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