“Choose to Jumpstart your Brain for Success in 2017”


As you begin your new year, setting your short and long-term goals, it is important to make yourself a priority. Jumpstarting your brain for “endless” energy begins with investing in yourself at the beginning of your day. You will discover that you are more focused and accomplish much more once you have tapped into your mental, spiritual and physical self.

First, try positive self-talk or meditation after a hot cup of green tea reach morning. Studies show that feeding your brain positive messages as well as plenty of natural fluids will energize you, increase your focus, and prompt you to action.

Keep in mind that you can’t wait for others to motivate you, it is important that you develop a habit of motivating yourself to jumpstart your amazing brain!

To begin your day with added confidence, take a moment to ask yourself “what do I do well with the least amount of effort?” This question will assist you in setting your realistic short and long -term goals for your personal and business life.

Next, ask yourself what type of energy or skill does it take to achieve these goals. Remember, you need a mental, physical, and spiritual balance to prevent you from living on an emotional roll coaster.

Your energy balance also requires knowledge of what will keep your body running as smoothly as your car.

Let me remind you that regular exercise and sleep as well as consumption of natural foods, water, and oils are just as important as your positive self-talk. They keep your body ready for action. It is best to begin with a little exercise (five to 10 minutes three times a week) and build up to your recommended amount (20-30 minutes). Your consistency is the key to your success!

At this moment, I can imagine you thinking “this could get a little expensive in time and money ! “ At this moment, I would like to encourage you to compare the minimum price of a home cooked healthy meal of meat and vegetables (three to five dollars per individual serving) to the cost of medication. I believe you will discover that your healthy meal is less expensive than the medication needed to treat your neglected heart or blood pressure triggered by an abundance of processed food and lack of exercise.

The good news is that healthy food tastes better than medication!

In closing, I want to encourage you to jumpstart your brain for your success and to remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who dared you to dream and live your purpose!

As you jumpstart your brain with mental, physical, and spiritual consistency in your area of passion you will find yourself moving into a leadership role for family, friends, and your purpose.

Recognizing your balance and your developed skills will prompt you to act with a sense of urgency inspiring those around you to do the same!

Have a great month of change!

To share your story, comments, or request assistance in jumpstarting your brain please contact Marcia Harris at 7403538056, www.facebook.com or www.endlessbrainenergy.com.