The Power of Staying Connected


You can remember saying “you made my day, I’ll call you tomorrow, let’s keep in touch, or “I’m excited to discuss our working together.” Your statement is sincere and so are you. However, in the blink of an eye, weeks have flown by and you have lost your connection as well as your high level of energy and enthusiasm. You now say to yourself with disappointment,” I just missed out on another great opportunity to grow.” Let’s stop here and take a moment to admit that meeting others who have a common goal or interest to make a difference doesn’t happen often. This is why staying connected with those who express that common interest and excitement is vital to building a great resource pool. Did you know that connecting and maintaining your positive relationships will prompt you and others to act to with a sense of urgency?

Did you know that brainstorming is brain exercise which motivates you to think outside the box with creativity? The more creative you are, the more dendrites or brain cells you develop as one new thought connects to a previous experience or thought and as a result you have a greater idea based on connecting the two ideas. I hope you now see how the power of connecting within and with others can go on and on and on giving you a mental energy boost for hours.

After you experience this energy boost, you tell yourself you must continue to connect for two main reasons: The first reason is that your accelerated mental energy keeps you focused and motivated to continue your unique creativity, and the second is the encouragement you receive as you become the solution to the needs of others. Please keep in mind that value is created when everyone involved wins! In summarizing, the power of staying connected has several benefits: To name a few, it (1) helps to create a positive mental, physical, and spiritual balance with enhanced communication skills (both listening and giving feedback),(2) It allows you to see yourself through the eyes of others,(3) It increases your confidence as you are encouraged each time you achieve a short or long term goal because of the insight and knowledge gained, and finally (4) It helps to build character.

I was reminded that “character consists of what you do long after others have lost interest in your dream or goal.” I believe that character is what you do when you have a body- mind connection leading you in the right direction to peace and your purpose as you learn to be true to yourself as you connect with and serve others. I challenge you this month to recognize the power of staying connected within and with others so you may see and live your purpose as you inspire others to do the same!

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