Do you have what it takes to jumpstart your life

Marcia Harris

Contributing Columnist

You may have often heard “Different Folks for Different Folks”. What are the differences in the people surrounding you in your family, your business, and your personal life?

As you observe, you may recognize three types of people: (1) those who make things happen, (2) those who watch things happen, and (3) those who say “hey, what just happened ?.”

If you find yourself often wondering where your hours, days, and months have gone I believe it’s time to stop and take a look at the type of person that you are.

Let’s discuss our three types:

* First, if you make things happen, you visualize your dream and take action steps to make your dream a reality.

* Second, If you watch things happen, you seldom have a plan of action and therefore do not move forward,

* Third, if you ask “what just happened” you may be preoccupied with your challenges allowing them to keep you immobile and unaware of great opportunities.

Let’s move on to the Thinkers in this world. How deep are you in though? How deep is your thought process? According to Nido Quebein , if you think collectively and in general observing only the surface of what you see, you are a horizontal thinker. Horizonal thinker fail to see and understand the root of the problem. In other words you cover up your problem without taking steps to treat or correct it. Is that you?

If you take life seriously enough to want to resolve an issue, you will look deeper; you will find yourself looking for the underlying cause to gain understanding and to make a gradual change for the better.

Last, but not least, take this moment to ask yourself “do I stand my ground or do I find myself drifting here and there; where do the days, hours, and precious time go?”

I have been reminded that people who “make things happen” think for themselves and never drift while those who permit themselves to be influenced and controlled by circumstances outside their mind “watch” or say “what just happened?”

Some characteristics you might notice for a drifter are:

(1) He or she accepts whatever life throws their way,

(2) He or she is mentally lazy or indifferent; they will not form an opinion of their own.

(3) He or she has lots of opinions supplied by outside forces; therefore, their brain is influenced by those around them.

In closing, people who think regularly for themselves never drift and “make things happen” while those who do little or no thinking for themselves are the drifters and fall under the category of watching things happen or asking “what just happened?”

Realizing that there are different strokes for different folks, I want to encourage you this month to step up, step out, and make things happens by using your most powerful resource, the brain. Keep in mind, thinkers never drift.

For additional tips on the brain and different types of people in life refer to Napoleon Hill, Nido Quebein, and David Sousa.

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