Wastren Advantage graduates from DOE mentor, protégé program

In February 2016 Wastren Advantage Inc. (WAI) successfully completed the DOE Mentor Protégé Program on the PORTS D&D Project in Piketon, Ohio. Fluor-BWXT Site Project Director Dennis Carr presented WAI President and CEO Steve Moore with a plaque to mark this successful partnership. Shown (from left) Jennifer Chandler, WAI project manager; Mark Ashby, Fluor-BWXT contracting officer; Moore; Carr; Doug Collins, WAI director Project Management Office; Amanda Spriggs-Rhea, WAI Operations Coordinator and Karen Davis, Fluor-BWXT Mentor Protégé Program Coordinator.

PIKE COUNTY – Fluor-BWXT Site Project Director Dennis Carr presented Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) President and CEO Steve Moore with a plaque Feb. 18 marking the successful completion of their Mentor/Protégé Program.

The program is designed to encourage Department of Energy (DOE) prime contractors to assist Small Business Administration (SBA) certified small disadvantaged businesses in increasing their business and performance acumen and capabilities as a commercial contractor performing work within the government sector.

In addition, the program seeks to help these businesses extend their services to other DOE sites and commercial customers across the U.S. in a prime contractor capacity.

“The Mentor Protégé Program can help foster long-term business relationships both commercially and within the government,” Carr said. “The Fluor and BWXT parent companies have been working successfully in the government sector for decades. This program gives us an opportunity to share that hard-won experience while at the same time receiving the benefit of specific skills and expertise offered by WAI. It’s really a great model for both companies and we are fortunate to have Mentor-Protégé Program support from the DOE.”

WAI is headquartered in Piketon, Ohio with project offices throughout the U.S. Their clients include the DOE, Department of Agriculture, U.S. Air Force, EPA and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. With almost 500 employees, WAI provides facilities, operations and remediation services supporting environmental cleanup projects as well as project management expertise. Their major projects include: PORTS Facility Support Services in Piketon; the Hanford 222-S Laboratory Analysis and Testing Services and the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility in Washington; TRU Waste Processing Center Services in Oak Ridge; and Paradox Valley Unit: Operation, Maintenance and Repair near Bedrock, Colorado. Inc. Magazine named WAI to their list of “500 Fastest Growing Companies” in 2012 and 2013.

In response to participating in the program, Moore said “Our relationship with Fluor-BWXT over the last five years has been mutually beneficial. We have successfully performed a variety of work at the PORTS site through this program, which has allowed us to provide high-quality technical services using local resources to support the D&D project.”

Fluor-BWXT Program Coordinator Karen Davis and WAI’s Operations Coordinator Amanda Spriggs-Rhea have worked closely over the past five years to identify areas to develop and leverage the capabilities of this local business on the massive PORTS D&D Project. The decontamination and decommissioning of the former uranium enrichment plant is expected to take decades and will be the largest project in the state of Ohio.

Even though WAI has “graduated” from the Mentor Protégé Program this doesn’t mean their work is done. WAI will continue to build upon the PORTS experience and directly pursue work for which they’ve developed a strong portfolio.

Each year, Fluor-BWXT issues approximately $61 million in subcontracts to small businesses. Two other Mentor Protégé companies perform work under contracts with Fluor-BWXT and the DOE: Innovative Solutions, also based in Pike County, and Boston Services Group with offices locally and in Oak Ridge, TN.

“Our continued goal is to support small businesses and strengthen the regional and local economy,” Carr said. “Through the Mentor Protégé Program we have a unique opportunity to help businesses grow, which in turn provides more jobs in our surrounding communities.”

Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) and BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) (NYSE: BWXT), two world-class companies with significant Ohio experience, formed Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth LLC (FBP) to address the decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) needs at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Portsmouth Site in Pike County, Ohio.

Fluor-BWXT which employs 1,900 workers includes two local mentor/protégé companies, InSolves and Wastren Advantage, Inc., and a small business, Pro2Serve, brings unparalleled experience, insights, and lessons learned from across the DOE complex.

The Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth mandate is to clean up the Portsmouth Site safely and compliantly, provide strong uranium stewardship and partner with local communities to achieve a sustainable economic future.

For more information, visit www.fbportsmouth.com.