‘’Put spring in your step”


Spring represents a fresh new season with a new opportunity to grow in so many areas of your life.

As you prepare for your season, consider the changes that you would like to see in your near future.

Now ask yourself, “Will these changes benefit and add value to myself, my family, and others for the next three to five years?” If your answer is “yes”, you can consider your change a great investment.

You may want to begin with this upcoming holiday (Easter Sunday). This is an opportunity to spring forward and compliment your family, prepare a meal, send a card, or make a phone call.

Notice the warm emotions you feel by giving from your heart with the intention to please and to show your appreciation.

To continue to grow and to spring forward with “endless” energy don’t stop with this holiday; make it a practice to reach out regularly to others.

As you become consistent with your actions, your family and friends will begin to look forward to the positive emotions that your effort generates.

When you focus on positive emotions, actions, and results your brain gets busy becoming creative in reproducing those positive actions and results in various other situations and times.

Keep in mind that your repetition creates a great habit which indicates memory development and your brain growth.

To maintain the spring in your step, you want to develop a routine of reaching out to at least one (1) person each day.

If you begin to feel discouraged, there is a solution for you!

Are you ready? Take a moment to stop, be still, and to look around; you will soon discover that there is someone who is worse off than you! Now here is your opportunity to get busy helping that person. You will be amazed at the sudden spring in your step and attitude!

I was reminded of this by the late great Zig Ziglar who was passionate about inspiring all people to succeed and reach the top through first helping others to succeed in getting what they need.

I challenge you this month to put a spring in your step and mind by reaching out to at least one (1) person each day. Remember “Excellence is a Habit”.

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Have a great month of change!