President Bill Clinton visits Portsmouth

Former United States President Bill Clinton placing an order at Coffee at the Lofts, during a visit to Portsmouth Saturday.

A young member of the Autism Project of Southern Ohio, giving the former president at hug.

On Saturday, several hundred people gathered at Coffee at the Lofts to see and take selfies with former President of the United States Bill Clinton, as he campaigned for this wife Hillary Clinton and her bid for president.

Clinton flew into the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport, where he greeted fans and supporters. It was then, he was driven to Coffee at the Lofts to shake hands, take pictures and sign autographs.

Several people were excited about the opportunity to meet the former president. Before he left Coffee at the Lofts, he placed an order for coffee and continued to make his way through the crowd.

He eventually made his way outside the Gallia Street business, to greet several fans and supporters that were not able to make it inside.

The Autism Project of Southern Ohio and H&R Block were holding a celebration a few doors down from Coffee at the Lofts.

Members of the Autism Project were able to get Clinton’s attention and he stopped by their informational booth to sign a shirt and talk with members.

Clinton said he was glad to see the group and offered some words of encouragement.

“I think we have a real chance to make some real breakthroughs, you guys hang in there,” Clinton said to members of the Autism Project.

He then posed with several pictures with members of the group.

Many members of the group were in awe of the visit and the encouragement the former president gave the group.

When asked about the experience, Mike Bell, President of the Autism Project of Southern Ohio said, “To be able to give he a shirt and lapel pin for Autism Awareness and being able to talk to him about Autism Awareness, that’s what it’s all about.”

Before Clinton left the booth, one of the children with Autism gave the former president a hug.

“This is huge, because he’s in a position to be able to reach a lot of people. To be able to give him that stuff and talk about it, that’s fantastic,” Bell said.

According to the campaign, Clinton made campaign stops in Cincinnati, Akron and Toledo for Hillary Clinton ahead of the March 15 primary.

At the events, President Clinton will lay out the case for why Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to raise wages and incomes for Ohio families and break down racial, social and economic barriers as president.

The Autism Project have two events coming up, a Light it up Blue for Autism Awareness, April 2nd from 5 to 9 p.m. at Jim Dandy Restaurant.

The 2016 Autism Project of Southern Ohio, “Walk for Autism” will take place in Millbrook Park on April 30 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information about the Autism Project of Southern Ohio visit them on Facebook.

For more information on the Hillary Clinton for President visit

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