New Medical Directions


Over the past year, we spoke of the effects of narcotic analgesics, the importance of limiting alcohol consumption, how weight loss and nicotine cessation can improve health. We suggested moderate exercise to help not only weight loss, but to combat nicotine use, as well as to reduce our use of prescription and none prescription medication. Lastly, we confirmed how our diet can improve our mood.

So, now, are we ready to take a new direction?

I recently spoke with two well respected behavioral health counselors for Compass Community Health and The Counseling Center in Scioto County. They spoke of those who make resolutions often as “contemplators”. For instance, we haven’t really decided for sure that we want to stop smoking, we are just “trying it on for size”.

Here is another example, we work out the first few weeks of the New Year but we do not maintain the desire and the commitment or we begin to doubt our ability to accomplish a goal. If we feel we are still getting a “payoff” from our old behavior, is the “payoff” worth the accompanying consequences? As an example, our relationship with others may change as we adopt new life styles.

Often we can easily see where others will have difficulties in their ability to change because they are unrealistic about their ability to accomplish their goal. Just as a child wants to be an NBA basketball player, we want to be the one who becomes the mother of the Tuff- Mudder or a tri-athlete. The other area I spoke of earlier in 2015 is our tendency to believe what got us to this point in our life will carry us through the next. The reality is that we cannot dream effectively if we do not perceive accurately.

If our perception of ourselves is more accurate, then our goals can match who we are better. This can keep us from becoming frustrated, which can reduce our chances of giving up on ourselves, and allow us to see our improvement. Our reflection on this improvement can help us take the next step towards better health.

As our personal perception improves, it can also affect those around us. By following our example, those in our lives can see the areas they need to improve more accurately.

Our community needs us and we need our community. Let us all seek resolve in improving our health this year so others may improve theirs!