Keeping Your Holiday Spirit, Joy, and Energy


Once upon a time you remember loving every moment of the season. Once upon a time you couldn’t wait to decorate, cook, shop, and entertain.

All of a sudden you find yourself thinking “there is not enough time to pull it altogether and to be able to relax”.

You continue to think “ What has happened and how do I get my joy and energy back?”

Stopping to remember the true” reason for the season” as well as being thankful for your loved ones who make your life a little brighter (at least sometimes) with their smile, hug, or personal invitation are important factors that generate your genuine energy and positive attitude.

During this busy season, you my be feeling unappreciated and think to yourself “my family and friends only want material things. They would be disappointed at what I really want to give”.

I would like to disagree with this thought and challenge you today to test your relationships with kindness before you try to buy “temporary” affection and excitement with material things. Now don’t misunderstand my challenge. Material things can be great; however, they have a deeper meaning when you have developed an emotional bond with the person.

Begin testing your relationships by speaking encouraging words. Keep in mind, a sudden change in your attitude and words may not be received in the beginning because it is unfamiliar to your family and friends. Trust and enjoyment will come in time as you are consistent in your kindness. If you find it difficult to speak, remember action speaks louder than words. Therefore, a nod of encouragement or hug can boost energy for both of you. The key to your success is to never give up! “.

The good news is it takes more strength and will power to be kind and consistent in challenging times than it does to react and speak negatively without thought of the consequences.

Are you ready to take the challenge? If yes, get busy marking your calendar or journal to see the return of your energy and joy as you remember the “reason for the season” and rebuild your relationships based on giving first from the heart.

In closing, regaining your holiday spirit, energy, and joy may not be easy but it can be done one kind word, look, smile, and hug at a time.

“Excellence is a habit”. Have a great month of change!

For questions on making a positive change or to share your story, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056.