“Are you Connecting the Dots”


Marcia Harris

As the holiday season approaches, you are reminded that it is the season of thanks and giving. As you give thanks for your blessings and opportunities in your life, you remind yourself that it is better to give than to receive. You also remind yourself that you have many things on your plate and cannot give what you would like to. You then decide not to give because you feel that what you give will be very little or nothing compared to others.

Let’s stop right here, right now to connect the dots. Before you decide to deprive yourself and others of a beautiful give and take transaction, consider the possibility of creating a lasting experience that impacts the spirit and mind as you present your true self in the form of time (set the time), a personally made item, and more. Gifts are lasting and considered “tangibles” as they connect to your mind and body in the form of confidence, pleasant memories, appreciation, and a constant reminder that you are appreciated. In other words, these emotions are triggered they connect with other creative areas in your amazing mind and began to grow in enthusiasm and pride creating more and more new possibilities that will release you from self-doubt, procrastination, low self- image and more.

The good news is that your creative dots will multiply as your connections made create more ideas and possibilities that are characteristics of a confidence, loved, and respected person. As you become more and more fulfilled, your feelings and actions reveal the unique you that can be recognized by your new image created by connecting your values and tangibles in such a way that your actions speak louder than any spoken word.

Can you see the big picture now? Your brilliant mind (your brain) connecting from left to right, right to left, front to back, back to front, and side to side as a positive emotion or idea connects with another area that can supply the steps, communication, analysis, flags and much more depending on each person.

In closing, I encourage you to look deep within to create a life experience between you and the person you choose to give. As you give in your personal and unique way, you will begin to connect the dots acknowledging your creative thoughts and resources. With consistency, belief, and connecting your dots you will see your “big” picture creating tangibles, long-lasting value, and win-win situations for all involved.

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