Coming to a church near you


So we have learned there are over one hundred and fourty churches listed in our Portsmouth Ohio Redbook. We have decided that not all churches even have a phone. So anyway I am learning we may be going to other people’s churches the next couple years!

Beverly and I are being blessed with a lot of invitations to churches, which is nice. A friend of mine from back in my 4-H Days (Bill McBrayer) has given us some great suggestions and potential resources. He suggested several books which should help us become more familiar with denominational differences. I ordered two books he introduced which we will discuss later. His college dissertation was a study of religious culture. Wouldn’t you know it that the old camp meetings of Appalachia and the Ohio Valley have influenced much of the church building progression that has spread throughout our country. Since I decided I needed to secure some information that would make our blog more interesting I ordered a History of Scioto County History and spent some library time in the local history Department. Where is this going?

Our intent of this project was to visit churches and meet the good people within our community churches. Who knew we would learn things in the process.

The other day Beverly and I took a drive scoping out a plan of progress. We think we have created a path that will keep us busy for awhile. Tell your friends about us and tune into our blogs, And if you happen to look into the back of your church and see us sitting there, come up and say hello. It is not only about visiting the places of worship in Scioto County but it is also our chance to meet the great people who attend the services in these beautiful churches. God bless and we will see you in church….eventually!

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