Jumper Cables For God


Jumper Cables For God

Written By

Dr. James Spinnati

Why me; just one little light left on in our car overnight killed the battery. But there is always a bright spot; isn’t there? Not long after the grumbling and whining; a brother came from church in his pickup truck with his trusty jumper cables. And those cables delivered the energy that we needed to get us back on the road! I got to thinking about that incident and it made me ask; what does it take to get a drained and tired battery going again? Well simply spoken; it took a jolt from those jumper cables that infused the energy needed to revive it. In a spiritual situation, what does it take to get a drained and tired person who is lacking faith and a positive outlook to get going again? It takes human jumper cables from God that can deliver new energy to revive them.

What am I talking about? I know that you know someone right now who is pretty depleted spiritually. They are emotionally, financially, mentally, and maybe even spiritually zapped. When they turn the key to their life there is not much happening because of their battles with health, finances, or just plain discouragement. Their responsibilities have left them unable to get going again. That is why God has given us each other. He wants us to take personal responsibility and become jumper cables for God. Hey this will not just be a boon for others it will be one for you. It will give you a renewed purpose in life. When you are one of God’s jump starters you wake up in the morning and say, “Lord, here I am who needs me today?” Then you will actively look for opportunities to make a difference in the world in which you live! It will put a “jump” in your step and you will look forward to calling that person who needs encouragement, write them, e-mail them, or visit with them.

I know, I know, some of you might say, “I will have to sacrifice my time and energy.” My question to you is, “Are you sacrificing more than Jesus did?” Listen you have nothing more important to do than to been an extension of Jesus’ love through you. Your joy can jump start their depleted life. Your praying in faith can jump start their faith. Your affirmation of their value and their significance to the God who created you and them can jump start them into believing in themselves. Your belief in them can reenergize their courage to get back in the “ring” for another round and finally get back on the firing line being a jump starter for God themselves; pay it forward! Your reminder of who they really are and their value to the Lord and to you may be just the spiritual jolt they need to get going again.

Listen, you have what someone else needs today to get started again. Don’t just cruise on by; make a difference. Proverbs 11:25 says: “He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” Now you are getting it. Go out and put a spark in someone’s life and do it TODAY!