The Essence of Courage


To be a leader you must stand the test of time and adversity. I heard about a man who showed up at the pearly gates. Peter asked him, “Why do you think you deserve heaven?” The fellow responded, “Well, I can’t think of a whole lot except one thing. One day I saw a lady in trouble. She was being attacked by a motorcycle gang. Even though they were rough and tough I went in and saved the woman! I ripped her out of the arms of this big burly guy. In fact he was 6 foot 6 and 275 pounds and he was the ugliest, meanest looking man I’d ever seen. I punched him right in the face, tackled him, and held him down. Then, I jerked each one of his earrings out and then I decided right then and there to pull his nose ring right out of his nose and I saved the lady!” Simon Peter said, “Really? When did that happen?” The man replied, “Just a couple of minutes ago.”

It’s one thing to have courage and it’s another to be foolhardy. It is courage that sets us apart from each other. Brothers and sisters it takes courage to be a good father or mother! It takes extreme courage lead one’s family to the Lord and set an example that they would be proud to follow. One of the most courageous people in the Bible was David as he faced Goliath. What caused David to display courage? David knew God and when you know God you have the courage to face the conflicts of life. When David came down to face Goliath he gathered five smooth stones for his slingshot. David was good, but he knew he wasn’t that good. If he had thought that he was that good he would have only picked up one stone. My friends David was getting ready to reload! You see, it was really God and not David who turned the tables on the Philistines and won the victory.

Courage comes in all sizes; it takes courage for a grandmother to raise her grandchildren. It takes courage for a woman to raise her children without their father. For those of you who are down today understand your courage will build when you face your fears. Courage grows when your convictions outgrow your comforts, when you begin to understand that the risk of failure is of lesser consequence than the risk of a missed opportunity. You need to know that you are doing the right thing and that the Lord is beside you. Remember the Holy Spirit inspired Word says that the Lord will never leave us or forsake us!

So get out of your comfort zone and display the courage that rests deep inside of you. Don’t you think it is about time that you start paying attention to the world around you and the people that pass through your life every day? Remember your faith must be interwoven in whatever you do whether its sports, family, education, or business. God created you, you just didn’t happen! Therefore, use the only you that is here on this earth. So remember that it is in those “little” moments in time where we as God’s children can influence those around us. Take courage and pay attention to those we take for granted. Remember the retired person down the block, the widower around the corner or the kid that is going the wrong way who just needs someone who really cares about him. The world is not going to get any better unless we do our part. So tomorrow why don’t you display the courage that our God has instilled in your heart from birth; perform a random act of kindness? It is a fact that I know our God will be watching.