News; To Good To Be True


John and Rebecca Smith, who lived in New York City, unexpectantly received two tickets to a Broadway play through the mail. The gift had an interesting twist, it came without a note. The Smiths spent hours every day trying to figure out who had sent such a truly wonderful and thoughtful gift to them. After much discussion they decided to take the tickets and enjoy their windfall good fortune. It was a great evening, the production was outstanding and this was the first time in weeks that they got to spend some time with each other. The happy couple even celebrated after the show having supper at an expensive restaurant. After all they thought that they could afford the meal out because of the free tickets they had received.

All was well until they returned home only to find that burglars had ransacked their apartment. All of their electronics, jewelry, guns, and heirlooms had been taken. As they examined the apartment in dismay, the husband noticed a note attached to the pillow in their bedroom that read: “Now you know who sent you the free tickets. Hope you had a good time; we sure did!” We need to realize that free is never free; there is always a price to be paid by someone. In this instance the price of the tickets were really paid for by the Smiths!

Why did I use the story of the Smiths? I used it because brothers and sisters we must never forget that a false teacher is just like a thief; they know exactly what people want to hear and they seek to appeal to their base instincts. Never forget that a deceiver doesn’t wear a sign on their chest that discloses their true identity. Instead, they will always promise riches untold while they produce nothing but heartache, poverty, and spiritual death. The Bible in the wrong hands produces fake salvation and false security.

Those who follow this type of teacher, just like the Smiths, always learn that they have been deceived when it is way too late. Do you want someone you can trust 100% of the time? Do you want someone who will tell you the truth? Do you want someone who will always have your back? If you do choose Jesus, He will never let you down. He will never leave you or forsake you. You can take what He says to the “bank” because it is rock solid. Remember the Lord Jesus is the Rock of our salvation. As we “travel” through 2017 I encourage you to spend time in the Scriptures and grow in your faith. It maybe August now, but it is not too late to start. What are the benefits of starting now? If you do, you will be safeguarding yourself and your family against deception, lies, and deceit from those who are not Christ-followers. Don’t wake up one morning and discover that your spiritual life is in a mess because you have listened to someone other than the Lord. Never forget that false teachers will promise you your heart’s desire, but will only produce pain and sorrow. Therefore my friends grab the Book that will change your life and live life to the fullest!