Compromising or standing?


We live in an age of compromise. In fact; you see it in every level of government, industry, and unfortunately… you even see it in the Church as well. Many in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ are waving the “white flag” of surrender to our secular society instead of standing for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They resemble a thermometer more than they do a thermostat. Why is that you ask? It is happening because more congregations love the world more than they do the blood bought bride of Christ! Never forget that when you compromise, you move! One cannot compromise the truth and be a true follower of our Lord. And yet that is exactly what the secular world is demanding. Our secular society is trying to control what is preached from the pulpits and taught in the classrooms of America today. Freedom of speech is only for the liberal mind-set. If one preaches biblical mandates they are considered a “nut case”, “loony tunes”, or off their rocker and even worse than that they are too often deemed a racist. Is it racist to preach the truth? Is it racist to ascend a mountain instead of making our abode in the sewer mentality of the immoral? The sad commentary is that the world is succeeding. Most preachers today have the backbone of a Jelly Fish; they have forgotten that they were called to stand for the truth that was once delivered and not lay down with the world and the worldly. The “thought police” are alive and well in America today and they are searching for anyone who treads on their corrupt morals and wayward lifestyle. Their end game is to make it so that freedom of speech only belongs to the reprobates of this world!

Today I want you to concentrate on the one you can change. Yes, there is one person in this world you can change and that one person is you! So today instead of focusing on the compromise you see in others I want to ask you, “Are you a compromising Christian, are you living a double standard, are there areas in your life, be it in your marriage, professional life, or your spiritual life where you are compromising the truths of the Gospel of Christ in order to get along with the world?” Maybe you’re thinking about cheating on your spouse. Perhaps you’ve turned a blind eye to something unethical at work. Or maybe you just follow the crowd without letting Christ rule your life. Don’t you think it is time for you to turn your life around? We need men and women to take a stand. America and the Church are in trouble and they need you to speak out and back up your profession of faith with action. There are people watching you who need an example. The only question left is; “Are you going to step up and give them a godly example to follow?” The “ball” is in your court; go out into the world and take a stand for Jesus Christ; you will not only bless others, but you will be blessed too.