Walnut Theology


A young boy left his log-cabin home in the mountains of Tennessee and went off to explore the world and make his mark. He had high expectations but things never turned out the way he had envisioned. Project after project underachieved. After thirty-five years he decided that he was never going to make his mark on the world and returned to the old home place which he had left those many years before. His mom and dad had already passed on, in fact he was the last one left in the family. As he trudged up the old mountain road and turned the corner he saw that his old homestead was now abandoned and in disarray.

He began to examine the property and he remembered that as a young boy he had brought a bag of wal­nuts to the old milk house by the spring. He remembered that him and Buddy McClurg had sorted out some of the walnuts and decided to plant them. In fact they had planted more than twenty-five of those walnuts along the creek bed near the Log cabin. When he reached the creek bed much to his amazement there now stood a row of twenty-five beautiful walnut trees.

Then he remembered that on that same day that they had planted those walnuts, he had taken what was left in the bag and left them in the attic of the milk house. Suddenly he ran to the milk house; when he arrived he began to franticly search for them. It wasn’t long before he found the bag under a heavy layer of dust. Blowing the dust off the bag, he opened it to discover what had happened to them. As he took them out one by one he noticed that the entire bag of walnuts had rotted! As he examined them he said under his breath, “Look how worthless they are now!”

Brothers and sisters those which had been planted grew into strong and healthy trees, but the others had long before become useless. Now Jim what does this have to do with spiritual matters? Well it has a lot to do with the spiritual aspects of living and walking with God just as the man discovered. Here is my question to you, “Do you have any “walnuts” in your attic?” Do you have any talents that you have hidden? What about a kindness, a card, or a thank you that you could have shared? Is there anything that you could have done for the Lord and didn’t? If there is, you need to “pull them out, dust them off and start planting them” before the Lord comes back. If you wait till then; they will be as the walnuts in the bag; useless! Listen, when you “plant” the talents that God has blessed you with you will be amazed as you watch them “GROW”.

My friends take my advice and you will learn what the man learned, “Nothing grows unless it is planted!”