What really matters to you?


What is really important to you; is it your job, car, house, golf, football or God? Where are your priorities? That is a pertinent question for us today as we view our fast paced, care little about anyone else except us culture. Many people believe that the entire Hollywood crowd is out of touch with everyday Americans. They believe that actors are jaded and have little regard for what “main stream” America believes or thinks are really important. Yet I have found a nugget worth examining. Michael J. Fox, the television and movie star, is the father of three children yet his successes in television and on the “silver screen” are not the most important things to him. In an interview Fox said, “I know what it is like to have a movie that grossed two hundred million dollars. I know what it is like to eat with the Queen of England and to tell you the truth it doesn’t mean as much to me as sitting on the floor today playing with my kids!”

One of the most important items you posses today is time. Someone has said, “Time is like a snow­flake it disappears while you are trying to decide what to do with it.” Time is fleeting and if you are above middle-age, you know what I am talking about. A year seems like a second that is here then gone. You try to hang on to every second and every precious moment with all your might, but suddenly, they are gone. Brothers and sisters we have only one life to experience here on earth. Therefore make sure that, just like Michael J. Fox, you focus on the things that really matter. Jesus said in John 10:10 that He came to give life and it more abundantly. Do you really want to live life to its fullness? Then quit chasing the rainbow that is beyond your reach and enjoy the “pot of gold” God has already given you!!! What is the “pot of gold” that we have been blessed with? It is your life, the sun, moon, stars, flowers, trees and even the birds and the bees. My friends it is the here and now. It is what you are doing right now. It is right before you and yet you refuse to open your eyes and see the blessings of today! It is what you are doing and thinking right now. Brothers and sisters enjoy it; right now! So many people throw away their best moments in life by worrying about trivial matters that in twenty four hours will never be thought of again. Brothers and sisters never forget that a fool will lose tomorrow thinking back on yesterday.

Listen, is meeting that deadline at work the most important thing in your life? Is it making the car or house payment going to Mickey D’s or Wally World your top priority? Or is it sitting on the floor playing with your kids or grandkids? If work is the focal point of your life, you need to get a life. I mean a real life! The housework can wait; the lawn can be mowed tomorrow. You can paint that house, rake that yard, plant those flowers, or shovel that snow while the kids are in school or when your grandchildren go home! Why, because the opportunity to experience life – real life – is here now. So, go ahead sit on the floor with your kids, it’s okay the television and the world will be there tomorrow; enjoy a little thing that God gave us called “LIFE” and do it today!