Minford area youth rally

The Minford area youth rally met on March 14th, 2016. There were 67 in attendance. The Faithful attendance banner for the largest percentage of the church’s congregation at the rally was awarded to Shoals Missionary Baptist Church. The Attendance banner for the largest attendance at the rally was awarded to Berean Baptist Church. The next rally will be held on April 11th, 2016 at the Berean Baptist Church fellowship hall in Sciotoville, Ohio at 7pm. This will be our last regular season rally of the year. Year end awards will be given out and graduating seniors will be recognized. For more information on becoming involved in the rally, contact Jody and Beth Stevens at 740-259-0174.

The results of the March rally are:

Primary sword:

Berean Baptist, first – Peyton Goodwin, Daniel Woodring

Charity FWB, second – Landon Boston

Fairview Missionary Baptist, third – Allison Crank, Ty Borland, Della Robinson, Laurianne DeAtley

Junior Sword:

Berean Baptist, first – Caila Goodwin

Fairview Missionary Baptist, second – Adam Crank, Cole Borland, Gabe Robinson

Shoals Missionary Baptist, third – James Gerald, Kaley Stepp

Senior Sword:

Berean Baptist, first – Kayla Woodring, Abby Howard, David Woodring, Josh Goodwin, Drew Stevens, Seth Stevens

Shoals Missionary Baptist, second – Dersiree Gerald

Fairview Missionary Baptist, third – Grant Robinson, Meghan Palla

Junior Quiz:

Shoals Missionary Baptist, first – James Gerald, Kaley Stepp

Berean Baptist, second – Caila Goodwin, Peyton Goodwin, Daniel Woodring

Charity FWB, third – Landon Boston

Senior Quiz:

Berean Baptist, first – Kayla Woodring, Abby Howard, Drew Stevens, Josh Goodwin, Seth Stevens, David Woodring

Shoals Missionary Baptist, second – Desiree Gerald


2:02 pm |    
Raising funds for vets
8:28 am |    
McKinley pool opens