Notre Dame Elementary students helping others

Another project, which they asked the rest of the school to help with, was Change for Service — The Flint Project, and students raised over $845. Lyndsey Schaefer and Caroline Mauk show off the funds raised.

The Second Grade students in Danielle Hanes’ second grade class have been very busy this year learning about the “Corporal Works of Mercy” and how to live them in their community.

“As a class, they discussed different things that they could do to show compassions for others,” Hanes said. “The students donated clothing to someone in need during the coat drive for Clare’s Closet in December, they made cards for individuals that are sick and made Valentine’s cards for residents at Hillview.”

The month of February was the second grade’s turn to collect canned foods to be donated to a local food pantry.

Another project, which they asked the rest of the school to help with, was Change for Service — The Flint Project.

“The second grade students asked everyone to bring in change to help people in the city of Flint, Michigan during their water crisis,” Hanes said.

Hanes and her students discussed how some countries do not have access to clean water and how Flint’s water contamination and is making people sick.

“They even did the math and set a goal to raise $100 for this project,” she said. “They decided that would provide 1,000 bottles of clean water.”

Students in the school were asked to do chores to earn the money and little baggies were given to all students in the school that said, “Change for Service” – The Flint Project.

Hanes and her students were very excited to learn they have raised $845.10.

“A check has been mailed to St. John Vianney School in Flint, Michigan,” she said.

Lara Daniel, Principal of the school replied, “We are so Blessed to have so many people taking care of us in our time of need. So many people are living out the Corporal Works of Mercy this Jubilee Year of Mercy. God is Good!”

Hanes and her students will go have to go back to the drawing board and figure out just how many bottles that will buy.


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