Births at Southern Ohio Medical Center

May 4, 2014

April 11

Amanda Clifford of Piketon, son

April 14

Brittany Crabtree and Jose M. Espinosa of Portsmouth, daughter

Courtney Smith and Josh Boggs of Portsmouth, son

Kati Hall of West Portsmouth, son

Autumn Clark of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Carmen Ramirez and Rigoborto Solis of Portsmouth, daughter

Megan Kazee of West Portsmouth, son

April 15

Tiffani Campbell of Piketon, daughter

Troy McMahon and Mollie Runyon of Wheelersburg, son

Laura McNeely and Bruce L. Workman, Jr. of Waverly, daughter

Justin and Lalinda Grant of South Webster, daughter

April 16

Carl and Holly Trotter of Seaman, son

Richard Raynard and Akaisha Diles of Portsmouth, daughter

April 17

Cody and Lynnsey Ray of Wheelersburg, daughter

Felicia Mills and Genis Grayson of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Aaron Parker and Andrea White of Portsmouth, son

Hailee Alexander of Portsmouth, son

Derek Leeth and Sharanna Leeth of Waverly, daughter

April 18

Paul and Crystal McKinney of Garrison (Ky.), son

Paige Pallitt and Cory Burnworth of Tollesboro (Ky.), daughter

Katherine Stapleton and Tom Neff of Sciotoville, son

Robert and Clarissa Jackson of Jackson, son

April 19

Tony and Melissa Robinson of South Webster, daughter

Tamara Huff and Jake Fox of Waverly, son

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Benson of Piketon, son

Jaclyn Shaw of Portsmouth, son

April 20

Antonio Monraga and Staci Darby of Portsmouth, son

April 21

Chadrick and Chelsea Dyer of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

Jennifer and Chad Perdue of Peebles, daughter

Charlotte Kitchen and Bryan Howe of Minford, son

Molly McShane and Brandon Mustard of Portsmouth, daughter

Bryan and Amanda Smith of Waverly, daughter