Health coalition working towards 501c3 status, hiring staff

By Wayne Allen

March 15, 2014

By Wayne Allen

At the recent Scioto County Health Coalition meeting Ed Hughes said a committee is working to attain 501c3 status with the IRS and will be looking at what it would take to hire a coordinator for the coalition.

“The health coalition should become its own separate 501c3, which we feel would be a platform to attract funding and sustainability,” Hughes said. “The committee (501c3 Committee) met and discussed this again and what we’re trying to figure out is how to get the cart and the horse in order. It’s been generally felt among committee members and other coalition members, the 501c3 status would be fine, but we are really in need of looking at a coordinator either part-time or full-time for the coalition.”

Hughes pointed everything that’s been accomplished by the coalition has been done by volunteers.

“We think that’s been very successful, but we also see that we might be reaching a point where it’s very difficult for people to do this (coalition activities) in addition to their jobs,” Hughes said. “This particular committee will be working around trying to draft a plan that would lead us to generate funding or get funding given to the coalition that might allow us to look at this and the 501c3 designation.”

According to the description of the organization found on,

“The coalition is organized around the concept of a super coalition meeting the second Friday of every month. The day consists of 6 workshops: the Wellness Committee, the Medical/Clinical Committee, the Planning Committee (Community Development), the Code Enforcement Taskforce, the Land Reutilization Committee (Economic Development), and the Scioto County Drug Action Team Alliance. This is a coalition of everyone interested in improving the health of all Scioto County citizens. The coalition philosophy is work oriented informal transparent, has a non competitive optimistic atmosphere, maintains a county wide focus and is managed by evidence based objectives.”

Hughes said he hopes the committee would be able to have an idea on how hiring a coordinator for the coalition might be accomplished by the next meeting in March.

“It seemed a little bit fruitless to be able to get a 501c3 designation and we still did not have anybody to coordinate activities. Even though a 501c3 designation is fairly simple to get, there is a maintenance to that,” Hughes said.

For more information about the Scioto County Health Coalition visit or you can find them on Facebook.

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