Scioto County Career Technical Center 2014 Progress Report

March 3, 2014

Scioto Tech is on the cutting edge of connecting students to their futures through relevant career technical education programs. Partnering with business and industry, Scioto Tech designs and delivers programs that are results-driven and demonstrate a positive return on investment. Scioto Tech programs provide students with the education and training necessary to be highly competitive in the labor market.

Students of all ages can pursue realistic career pathways by earning a license or industry certification that can be more valuable than earning a degree. Harvard Graduate School of Education’s, Pathways to Prosperity Project, found that “27 percent of people with post-secondary licenses or certificates—credentials short of an associate’s degree—earn more than the average bachelor’s degree recipient.” For more than 40 years Scioto Tech students have earned licenses and certificates by completing quality career technical education programs.

What is Career-Technical Education?

High school career technical programs include courses that align rigorous content with challenging academic and technical content standards to prepare students for post-secondary education and careers. Adult programs also have rigorous content standards that give adult students the skills needed to enter the workforce or pursue additional post-secondary educational opportunities.

Career-Technical Education Makes Economic Sense for Scioto County

Scioto Tech’s customized training programs have created partnerships with local business and industry benefiting both employers and students. All career technical programs offered at Scioto Tech provide students with industry certifications, licensures and/or college credit.

According to the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education, high school students get a head start and graduate from a career technical program with choices to continue their education with knowledge in their chosen field, start their career, or do both at the same time.

Adult students who take advantage of Scioto Tech’s educational opportunities can increase their marketability in the workforce—Scioto Tech is a cost effective option for adult students to gain new skills and knowledge. New skills mean new opportunities in today’s economy while providing local business and industry with a needed workforce.


Scioto Tech is the region’s driving force for workforce development. The mission is to be the leader in technological advancement and the creation of partnerships. Currently, Scioto Tech is involved in community workforce and societal development.

Staying abreast of technological advancements is paramount to the growth of the district. A new Scioto Tech website was rolled out in January, and is currently being aligned to a new mobile application. Scioto Tech also has a presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. New upgrades to lab equipment and computers are ongoing to stay current with changes in business and industry.

Staff and students are actively involved in the community. Programs and student organizations continue to provide many hours of community service. Administration and staff participate in local civic organizations and serve on local non-profit boards.

Scioto Tech works with community leaders, businesses, and industries on new economic development initiatives to find a central direction in the creation of a workforce. This workforce

will attract new business and industry to the region. Expansion and creation of career technical programs continue to meet community needs.

The successful renewal of the permanent improvement levy in November is important to the future of Scioto Tech. Many thanks are given to all of Scioto Tech’s partners who supported the levy renewal campaign. The funds generated from the levy will provide for expansion of square footage to meet programming needs and increased student population. Specialty equipment will be purchased with levy funds, including equipment for the Automotive Technology and Dental Assisting programs.

Achieving positive Indicators of Performance from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) for secondary, and Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) for adult education is another way Scioto Tech is achieving its mission. According the 2012-2013 ODE Indicators of Performance, secondary met the State Performance Standards in academic attainment (reading, language arts, and mathematics), technical skill attainment, secondary school completion, and secondary placement.

Adult education also met the OBR Performance Standards in technical skill attainment, credential/certificate, student retention, and student placement. The purpose of the Performance Standards is for accountability and continuous improvement. Performance Standards are mandated by the federal Perkins legislation that emphasizes CTE reform, innovation and continuous improvement. These standards ensure students acquire knowledge and skills necessary to meet rigorous and challenging academic standards. Performance Standards also meet industry-recognized skill standards necessary for postsecondary education, life-long learning and high-skill/high-wage careers.

Evidence of Success

A significant number of administration, faculty, and staff have completed Scioto Tech’s secondary or post-secondary career technical programs. This is evidence that the training and education received at Scioto Tech prepares individuals to pursue post-secondary options and enter the workforce with credentials.

Scioto Tech students do consistently continue their education in their chosen career field, start their career, or do both at the same time. Each secondary program has examples of students who successfully pursue post-secondary options, apprenticeships, and enter the workforce. This is evidenced by Scioto Tech achieving positive Performance Standards in student placement for both secondary and adult programs. Scioto Tech continues to be the backbone in creating the region’s workforce.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Preparing students for the world of work requires collaboration and community partnerships. Scioto Tech works with community leaders, businesses and industries, secondary and post-secondary institutions to develop internships, externships, certifications, licensures, and post-secondary articulations. The following examples demonstrate how Scioto Tech actively collaborates to expand training opportunities in our region.

Collaboration with Southern State Community College is providing secondary students with dual enrollment opportunities during their senior year. Qualifying students can enroll in college level academic classes taught on the Scioto Tech campus while completing a career technical program. This saves each student over $4000.00 toward a post-secondary degree.

Southern State Community College also provides college classes on the Scioto Tech campus for adult students enrolled in the SSCC PN-RN program. In addition to the PN-RN program, SSCC can offer associate degrees in Computer Technology, Criminal Justice and Law

Enforcement, Medical Assisting and Technical Studies on the Scioto Tech campus. Adult students can receive articulated credit for the Scioto Tech career technical program and take Southern State’s academic course work. The Higher Learning Commission has approved the programs; this approval will allow Southern State to expand degree program offerings on the Scioto Tech campus.

A partnership with Local 437 Carpenters Union in Portsmouth has led to Scioto Tech being the first career technical carpentry program in the state to adopt the International Union curriculum written for vocational/career technical education. Carpentry students are learning exactly what they need to succeed in their career field.

Among many strong partners are Glockner Enterprises and Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC). Glockner Enterprises provides training and lab space for the adult Automotive Technology and Medium/Heavy Truck Technology programs. SOMC is a training location for students in adult health programs completing clinical requirements.

Career Technical Programs

Scioto Tech is offering a secondary Culinary and Food Service Operations program. The culinary program is preparing students for careers in the art and science of food preparation and presentation. These skills are being learned in a fully functional commercial kitchen and the Four Seasons dining room. The program caters Scioto Tech events giving the students real-world experiences.

Engineering and Science expanded to include a senior level program on the Scioto Tech campus. This program focuses on the basics to engineering principles and the concepts of alternative energy science. Students use Auto Cad and 3-D modeling with design practices for project-based learning which are plotted in a 3D printer.

All high school programs use community service projects to explore real-world problems and challenges. Last year over 1000 hours of service was given toward community projects and non-profit organizations throughout the county.

High school students are taught by a highly qualified teaching staff and receive rigorous academics and program instruction in career fields—allied health, auto body, auto technology, building/property maintenance, carpentry, care and guidance of children, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, dental assisting, electricity, engineering, industrial maintenance, information technology, masonry, medical office management and welding.

The focus of Scioto Tech’s post-secondary workforce education and training is to be labor market driven—providing long-term and short-term skill training programs that result in certifications and licensures to meet identified labor market needs.

Adult education is accredited by the North Central Association. As part of a continuous improvement process Scioto Tech is now a Candidate for Accreditation by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE). Accreditation is a status granted to an educational institution that has been found to meet or exceed stated criteria of education quality and student achievement. COE requires candidates to participate in an extensive self-assessment that demonstrates compliance with the Council’s standards and criteria on educational quality for occupational education institutions. The self-assessment will conclude in May with a COE team visit and review.

Adult career technical programs are taught by highly qualified instructors and receive rigorous program instruction in career fields—computer service and repair, medical office technology, dental assisting, patient care technician, pharmacy technician, nurse aide, phlebotomy, practical nursing, surgical technology, police academy, industrial maintenance,

industrial/commercial electricity, welding, power line mechanic, automotive technology, and diesel technology.

Adult education’s consultative and community programs focus on identified needs within the community, business, and industry. An industry certification can be earned in most of the short-term programs. In the past year, nurse aides have been trained, while the Firefighting program has prepared firefighters for service in our community. Scioto Tech is expanding its CEU offerings to include Water Treatment/Sewage. These CEU classes will be held on a monthly basis. Other monthly CEU offerings are offered to meet contractor requirements through the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB). Additional short-term programs are First Aid/CPR, ServSafe, and Small Engine Repair.

Scioto Tech has designed over 20 customized training programs and services specifically targeted to meet the consultative needs of business and industry. Generally these services are delivered onsite to better accommodate a company’s needs. Companies’ contract for on-site OSHA, American Heart Association CPR/First Aid, and EMT refresher training; while on-site skill training and testing for the specific needs of local business and industry is expanding.

A Perfect Fit

Scioto Tech is “A Perfect Fit” for juniors and seniors in high school, and adults who want to earn high-quality industry-recognized certifications—so they are more easily employable or as the first-step to earning a post-secondary degree. For more information about Scioto Tech visit or call 740-259-5522—740-259-5526.