City invasion tour set for July

By Wayne Allen

February 25, 2014

By Wayne Allen

On Feb. 8 Amy Lambert with the City Invasion Tour announced they will be bringing the event to Portsmouth in July.

According to the organization, “Invasion is much more than a concert; it is an event with a mission to see lives transformed. We dare to love the unlovable, give hope to the hopeless, and see hearts changed through the power of music and the message of hope. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, a reason to live and an opportunity to dream. Invasion is not just a onetime event, but an event that will change lives forever.”

Though the official announcement was made by Lambert on Feb, 8, Lisa Roberts, Public Health Nurse with the Portsmouth City Health Department informed members of the Scioto County Health Coalition on Friday.

“She (Lambert) is an evangelist and she was an addict for a long time. She explains all of this when she gives her testimony, everybody loves her,” Roberts said. “She got clean and started this ministry. The ministry reaches out to the people that are hurt and suffering primarily from addiction.”

According to, “Amy’s passion for God and His life-changing Word is powerful and contagious. Thousands of people become followers of Christ each year through her ministry and testimony. By the time Amy was a teenager; her life was already consumed by drugs and alcohol. At the age of 19, she found herself lying in a hospital bed almost dead from her severe addiction. She turned to Jesus Christ in that critical moment and He set her free from her addictions and gave her a new sense of hope and purpose. She has since shared her story in web, radio, and TV broadcasts – as well as on stages all over the world. Amy founded Amy Lambert Global Ministries and City Invasions, and she currently lives in North Carolina, where her team continues to plan and host evangelistic events around the world.”

Roberts said Lambert was the guest speaker at CornerStone United Methodist Church in Portsmouth a year ago.

“Through Celebrate Recovery, she established some contacts here. Every year they (City Invasion Tour) choose a city city to do this big thing called City Invasion,” Roberts said.

Roberts said in 2013 the City Invasion was held in Virginia.

“She’s (Lambert) got all of these famous people that have been addicted, found recovery and are now part of this movement. One of them is Brian Welch who is a member of Korn. He may come, we don’t know for sure. He rejoined Korn and is touring, but we are still hoping that he comes,” Roberts said.

Roberts said Lambert kept the announcement quite for a while as she gathered support from local officials.

“She (Lambert) met with city officials a couple of months ago, because they (city officials) have to say this is ok. They all agreed and said, ‘there is no way we’re not going to do this’. So, it’s been set and was officially announced a couple of days ago,” Roberts said.

Roberts said soon there will be billboards and commercials announcing details of the event.

“The event is open to everyone, but if people want to reach out and get help for an addiction there is is going to be ways for them to do that. It’s not going to be simply passing out pamphlets,” Roberts said.

Roberts said throughout the event there will be various bands perform, there will be a BMX and MMA demonstrations among many other things.

The event will take place on July 12 at Spartan Municipal Stadium.

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