Scioto County delinquent tax collections top one million for 2013

January 18, 2014

Scioto County Prosecutor Mark E. Kuhn announced the Civil Division of Prosecutor’s Office collected more than one million dollars in delinquent taxes for the year 2013. Under state law, a portion of the property taxes are distributed to the boards of education in Scioto County to fund schools.

According to Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Parker, the Civil Division has worked with the schools and the health department to identify properties that are unproductive through abandonment, dilapidation or death of the owner.

“The goal of effort this year is to put property into the hands of people who care about it, who are willing to clean it up and make it productive and show some pride in our community,” Parker said. “The taxes benefit the entire community. Just drive down Scioto Trail and see the improvements over what it was ten years ago.”

The Scioto county Auditor certifies the delinquent taxes to the Prosecutor’s Office for review and possible collection actions. The procedure includes notification of the property owner that taxes are delinquent. The Civil Division can resolve the tax collection on payment plans for those who are willing to enter a plan.

“Otherwise, we file a foreclosure lawsuit against the property owner and sell the property,” Parker said.

The total collected for 2013 was $1,004,971.82.