Giving parents something to sing about

November 18, 2013

A new program this year has been added to the Children’s Learning Center that provides parents with unique insight and information into how a child learns. It’s a new music enrichment program created by Kindermusik.

Sally Woodard, a licensed Kindermusik educator, teaches the children at the CLC. She has been a speech therapist for 12 years and is currently a pre-school speech language pathologist with the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center. Music has been part of Woodard’s life since she sang in church as a child.

The program is for three to five year olds. Each month parents receive a new ABC Music & Me Home Kit that includes a CD, a new Family Activity Guide, and they receive a new instrument every other month.

Music develops the skills of every child. Songs and rhymes develop phonemic awareness and early reading skills; improves eye-hand coordination; strengthens fine motor skills; and helps develop vocal chords and expressive speech.