SOMC’s Craig Gilliland joins SOPA

November 16, 2013

Craig Gilliland, director of financial services and business development at SOMC, has joined the Southern Ohio Port Authority. A long-time member of the Chamber of Commerce, Gilliland’s addition is part of a revamping of the board that increases the total membership of the Port Authority to 21.

“I’ve been involved in economic development as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and I was asked to help represent the business community on the Port Authority,” Gilliland said.

“Craig brings a wealth of experience with him to SOPA,” Scioto County Commissioner Doug Coleman said. “We have revamped the Port Authority in the last year, and I believe he will be a valuable part of the new team.”

Gilliland said he believes the Port Authority is well positioned to facilitate positive economic changes in Scioto County, and emphasized the importance of having all those involved working towards the same goal.

“It’s important to have everyone in the county working together for economic development, and I believe we’re getting there,” Gilliland said. “That’s what excites me the most, to see that everyone’s finally in the same boat and rowing in the same direction.”