Ogg addresses LWV

November 8, 2013

Changes in Ohio’s tax laws were explained by County Treasurer Bill Ogg at the Portsmouth/Scioto County League of Women Voters Meeting, held on October 21 at the Port City Pub in Portsmouth.

“Due to changes in the state budget,” Ogg said, “beginning in the tax year 2013, the rollbacks available in the past will no longer apply to new levies, or the increase portion of those levies renewed with increase, but will continue to apply to renewal levies.”

This is in reference to the ten and two and one-half percent rollbacks that property owners currently receive. In the upcoming election, there are three levies on which Scioto County residents will be asked to vote. As all three of these levies are renewal levies, these will not be affected by these changes.

Ogg went on to discuss changes in the Homestead Credit. “Unless you are already receiving the Homestead Credit,” Ogg said, “you now need to prove your income is thirty-thousand dollars or less. If you already have the credit you are grandfathered in, and even if you move to a different home you will continue to receive that credit.” Ogg also talked about those residents who traditionally come to the court house in person to pay their taxes. “There’s a long line, but they all have a good time chatting and reconnecting,” Ogg said, “and everyone is good natured.”

Also in attendance at the meeting was State League Board Member Yvette Duguay from Clermont County. “My job is to act as liaison between local Leagues and the State League,” said Duguay, “and to supply you with information and support to help you grow and strengthen your League, as well as to brag about you a bit to our State League. I want to commend your choice of venue, as we’ve been encouraged to meet in places that will draw younger members, and this seems like a fun place.” She suggested working to attract students from Shawnee State University, as students get a reduced membership fee. “Many young people are unaware of the sacrifices women had to make to get the vote,” said Duguay, “and it’s important that they don’t take that for granted.”

The purpose of the League of Women Voters is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. The League of Women Voters does not promote any candidate, but does take positions on issues.