Marking the end of a business era

Charlene Hoeflich

October 20, 2013

POMEROY — When Jim and Becky Anderson close the doors to their furniture and appliance business sometime in the next few weeks, it will mark the end of 129 years of five generations of the Jacob Elberfeld family to have a merchandising business in downtown Pomeroy.

Jim, son of the late Mary Elberfeld Anderson Morris, is the great-great-grandson of Jacob Elberfeld I, founder of Elberfelds in 1884. Jacob came to Meigs County from Bavaria in the late 1850s, worked for a long time in the coal mines, attended the Pomeroy Academy, and then got a job as a clerk in a store where he worked for a number of years before going into business for himself.

His first store was located in the lower block of Pomeroy. After the death of Jacob Elberfeld I in 1887, his son Jacob Bauer Elberfeld continued the business. In 1911 he bought the building in the center of the middle block which at that time was the Grand Dilcher Hotel.

Jacob was joined in the business by his son Alfred Elberfeld, who continued the management of the department store until his death in 1973. It was then that Alfred’s daughter Mary was put in charge of handling the Elberfeld family business which she did with assistance from her sons, Bill, John and Jim.

In 1989 Elberfelds closed its doors. At that time Jim and Becky Anderson acquired the building and opened Andersons, a furniture and appliance store which has served the community well for the past 24 years.

Now nearing retirement age, and wanting to become more active in the Anderson-McDaniel Funeral Home business, Jim made the decision to close Andersons but as he said “not until the building had been sold. I couldn’t think of it just setting here empty.” The sale occurred a few weeks ago when Eloise Drenner, owner-operator of Weaving Stitches, a home decor and gift shop, in need of more space for expansion of her business, purchased it.

Drenner said to begin with she will be operating only on the first floor street level, but that at some future date she expects to expand into another sort of merchandising business on the second floor. Drenner said her plan is to delay making the move until after the Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, the Andersons will continue with the liquidation sale for a time, but plan to be out of the business and out of the building within the next few weeks.

Last year Becky sold The Fabric Shop which she and her family had operated in Pomeroy for many years.

Now with Becky already retired and Jim leaving the furniture and appliance business, the couple agree —“the slower pace will be nice.”