BHCC students upgrade Christmas lights in city park

Staff Report

October 17, 2013

RIO GRANDE — Nine students at Buckeye Hills Career Center HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing class recently did a community service project for removing and replacing lighting on ground decorations used by the City of Gallipolis in the city park during the Christmas season. Their instructor, Mark Chaney, supervised and assisted with the project. The ground decorations were over 15 years old and the wiring and lights were beyond repair.

The project was to update the ground decorations from old technology incandescent lights to new technology LED lighting. LED Christmas lights have not been on the market for all that long, and the improvements offered over incandescent lights are so dramatic that LEDs are rapidly becoming the standard.

America’s most famous Christmas trees are now lit exclusively with LED Christmas lights, including the Capital Christmas tree in Washington D.C. and the famous Rockefeller Center tree in New York City. Many of the world’s largest cities have converted their entire Christmas displays to 100 percent LED lights.

“The City of Gallipolis officials would like to thank the students at Buckeye Hills for participating in the project and converting our ground displays to LED,” Ed Swisher, the city’s project coordinator and safety director, stated. “Their efforts will be on display for all to see in the city park this Christmas season.”