Two arrested on drug charges

By Frank Lewis

August 20, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Being caught with illegal drugs is one thing. Conveying drugs into a detention facility is quite another.

Ricky D. Andrews, 25, of 1819 Mabert Rd., Portsmouth, is facing charges of trafficking in drugs containing cocaine; trafficking in drugs containing heroin; trafficking in drugs included in Schedule 1 or 2; trafficking in drugs included in Schedule 3, 4 or 5; tampering with evidence and illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse into a detention or mental health facility, after being arrested Sunday.

Portsmouth Police officers said they were checking suspected drug dealers in the Farley Square area, and as they approached several people quickly walked away. Officers were told that some of the subjects were drug dealers and had gone to 1219 H 14th Street. Officers went to that apartment, and as they were approaching, they saw a known drug user knocking on the door. Officers said the woman was let inside, so the officers then knocked on the door, and after a couple of seconds the resident opened the door and told the woman to leave and that she was not allowed in her apartment.

Officers said they could smell an odor of burnt marijuana coming from the apartment. Officers asked the woman in the apartment if they could come in and speak with her. They were allowed to come in and asked her if anyone else was there, and she told them her boyfriend and her children were in the apartment.

Officers said they saw movement in the kitchen and discovered two subjects there. They were identified as Ricky Andrews of Portsmouth and Antwan Felder of Columbus. In the kitchen were a digital scale and a box of sandwich baggies. Everyone was advised of the Miranda Rights by Sergeant Steve Timberlake.

During a pat down of Felder, officers noticed a bulge. Felder removed a sandwich bag full of a large roll of cash. During that time, a warrant check was done on Felder and Andrews and it turned up a warrant from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office, on Andrews for dangerous drugs. While standing in the kitchen waiting for the warrant check, a baggy with 13 Xanax tablets fell from Andrews’ shorts.

Officers said they repeatedly told Andrews not to take any drugs into the Scioto County Jail, but as they arrived at the jail, they noticed suspicious activity out of Andrews and that he appeared to be attempting to swallow something. Because of the fear of his ingesting dangerous drugs, Timberlake tried to hold his throat to keep him from swallowing. Police said Andrews was still in the back seat of the police car and started pulling away. Timberlake ordered him several times to spit the item out. He reportedly refused and Timberlake then used a taser on him. He then began to kick the officers. He then reportedly spit out part of a plastic bag. That bag apparently contained approximately four grams of heroin, five grams of cocaine and 13 10-milligram Oxycodone pills.

Due to three children (ages 1, 7 and 4) being inside 1219 H 14th St., Andrews trafficking offenses were considered to be in the vicinity of a juvenile.

The cash taken from Felder totaled $5,367, and he was charged with trafficking in drugs containing heroin and possessing criminal tools.

Police said additional charges against Felder may be presented to the Scioto County grand jury.

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