Pow Wow to return to Gallipolis City Park

August 7, 2013

GALLIPOLIS — The Seventh Annual Harvest Moon Pow Wow will take place Saturday, August 31 through Monday, September 2 at the Gallipolis City Park.

The Native American Education Association, Inc., is sponsoring the event.

The Pow Wow expresses Native American culture through dance, music and spirituality.

Rona Roach, event coordinator, said the Harvest Moon Pow Wow is a chance for Native Americans to come together and express their background.

“We include everybody,” Roach said. “The Pow Wow is basically Native Americans gathering to show our heritage and spirituality.”

The event also gives Native Americans a chance to share experiences, discuss issues, and demonstrate, sell and exhibit their work.

Roach said the Native American Education Association first brought the event to Gallipolis to share true Native American culture with the community.

“Hollywood [doesn’t] portray Native Americans in that great of a light,” Roach said. “For us to go and show our heritage means a lot to us.”

Dave Cutler, a representative of the Ohio Humanities Council, will be at the event to present programs on Chiefs Cornstalk and Logan, two local chiefs who were active in the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Roach said she enjoys the event because she likes catching up with others and seeing the children have fun.

“The kids come in and they get to dance with the drums and dancers. They just have a blast,” Roach said. “Every year we look forward to it because we don’t see a lot of the people through the year, and we’ve met a lot of nice people in Gallipolis and all over. It is just nice to get together again.”

Those seeking additional information on the event can contact Rona Roach at (740) 379-2873 or Tom Abrahamson at (740) 245 5511 or (740) 339-1431.