Buckler reflects on secretary summit

By Wayne Allen

July 23, 2013

Wayne Allen

Common Staff Writer

Scioto County Domestic Relations Court Judge Jerry Buckler and his staff recently held a secretary summit, which they have deemed a success.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Times, Buckler said, the goal of the summit was to inform local attorney secretaries about what the new administration in the domestic relations court expects.

“I developed the Domestic Relations Court ‘Secretary Summit’ to better serve the citizens of Scioto County. I believe that if the local attorneys practicing in the domestic relations area, especially their secretaries, learned more about what my new administration expects, then it would be better for everyone, including the public we serve,” Buckler said. “As the new Judge, I hoped to accomplish three things with the ‘Secretary Summit.’ Those three things included, I wanted the local secretaries to get to know who the Judge was, but more importantly, who my staff was. Thus, these secretaries were introduced to my staff. This is so helpful in that these secretaries know who to call at the Court for the various issues that popup. Also, I thought it was important that we put ‘faces’ with ‘names.”

Buckler said he also wanted local secretaries to get to know each other. “Sometimes, it is nice to be able to call a colleague with a question about a domestic relations issue or a domestic relations pleading. Many of these secretaries told me that they were thrilled to get to know their colleagues on a more personal basis. Many had talked to each other on the telephone but did not know who they actually were. Again, we put ‘faces’ with ‘names.” Buckler said. “I also wanted to go over some changes in the domestic relations law that was important for these secretaries to know. I also wanted to go over new forms and new procedures.”

Buckler said he and his staff worked to compile useful information that was given to participants.

“Together, we compiled packets of useful information and passed them out to each secretary. These packets included information regarding pleadings, orders, child support, specific required language to be placed in orders, petitions for civil protection orders, and information regarding our court website. Many valuable forms and information regarding the domestic relations arena can be found on our court website at, Buckler said.

The staff of the Scioto County Domestic Relations Count includes. Jerry L. Buckler - Judge, Michael L. Jones - Magistrate, Christina Kraft - Court Administrator, Mary Keibler - Assignment Commissioner, Tyler Clifford - Bailiff to the Judge, T.G. Russell - Bailiff to the Magistrate and April Brown - Court Reporter.

“I encourage anyone to call a member of my staff if they have any questions regarding domestic relations matters. We are not allowed to give legal advice, but my staff will certainly guide you in the right direction,” Buckler said.

Buckler said approximately 45 secretaries attended the summit.

“I have received a lot of positive feedback from the legal community regarding the summit. Many offices have sent thank you cards or have telephoned my staff to thank them for the get-together and lunch. Personally, I want to serve the citizens of Scioto County in the best manner possible. And, by getting the local law offices all on the same page when it comes to court filings, then a domestic case will not be delayed because I have to return filings for corrections. If we all work together, I believe, we can make ‘emotional and tough’ matters easier for the litigants as they appear in the Domestic Relations Court.”

Buckler said a similar event is being planed for a future date.

For more information about the Scioto Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Division visit,

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