Black History Month At Portsmouth Elementary

Wayne Allen

March 26, 2013

Students were brimming with excitement and their minds filled with knowledge as they passed thru the halls on each floor viewing the information that was displayed on African-American inventors, scientists, businessmen and women, sports figures, congressional and judicial members and there was even a display about Portsmouth’s Own African-American History Makers. Persons in this display included; Dr. James F. Scott, Sr. (1st African-American Coroner in the United States), Mr. Ted Wilburn, Jr. (1st African-American Police Chief of Portsmouth), Miss Kathleen Battle (world renowned Opera Singer), former professional sports figures; Larry Hisle (Minnesota Twins & Milwaukee Brewers), Chuck Ealey (Toledo Rockets), and Curt Gentry (Chicago Bears). Pictured in the photo is: Mr. Clarence Parker (1st African-American to be President of the Portsmouth City School Board), Pastor David A. Malone (2nd African-American to hold the position of Mayor of Portsmouth), (Mr. Al White, was the 1st African-American Mayor of Portsmouth), and Mr. Al Oliver former professional baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Montreal Expo’s, San Francisco Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Toronto Blue Jays.

Students in the 6th grade were assigned research projects by Mrs. Keller about African-American inventors and scientists. Students in Ms. Ratliff’s class did a timeline on dates for different African-American events in history as well as reports on individuals in the timeline. The 3rd grade students in Mrs. Oueen and Mr. Hendrix’s classrooms did interactive reading and writing lessons with the pictures and information displayed closest to their classrooms.

Also in observance of Black History Month, the principal Mrs. Pollock embraced the opportunity to have the cast of the Freedom Center in Cincinnati, OH, come to our school and do a depiction of the Life and Times of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Students from East Portsmouth Elementary where Mrs. Toppins is the principal were also in attendance at this event.