Southern Ohio Medical Center February 10 Shane and Becky Montgomery of West Portsmouth

March 11, 2013

Southern Ohio Medical Center

February 10

Shane and Becky Montgomery of West Portsmouth, son

February 11

Sherman and Billie Smith of South Webster, son

Tim Smith and Heather Smith of McDermott, son

Aaron and Tracie Kuhner of Portsmouth, daughter

Cheryel Miller of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

February 12

Megan Ferrell and Rodney Hatch of Wheelersburg, son

February 13

Christopher Wolfe and Megan Tracey of Portsmouth, daughter

Eric and Vanessa McClintic of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Tiffany Jones of Beaver, son

February 14

Tara Davis of Latham, daughter

February 15

Sean and Kacie Archer of West Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Elizabeth Wood of Lucasville, daughter

Paul McKinney and Crystal McKinney of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

February 16

Jamie Jones of Portsmouth, daughter

Mychael Hamilton and Patrick Henry of New Boston, son

February 18

Chris and Whitley Horsley of Vanceburg, son

Chris and Sarah Reedy of Portsmouth, daughter

Roger and Rachel Blevins of Stout, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Benner of Wheelersburg, son

Kathryn Clinton of Portsmouth, daughter

Jennifer Hall of Waverly, daughter

Arnold Barrett and Sally Stepp of Lucasville, daughter

February 19

Amanda Nicole Hawkins and Hank Lee Groves of Blue Creek, son

Jolene Jackson and Greg Russell of Portsmouth, son

Justin and Kalah Burton of McDermott, daughter

Nathan and Amber Bentley of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Stephanie Bowling and Conrado Rodriguez of Portsmouth, son

February 20

Renee McClurg and Raymond Wilburn of Portsmouth, son

Amber Feucht of Portsmouth, son

February 21

Micah Slusher and Chris Saunders of Beaver, son

Jeremy Mullins and Stephanie Veloski of Wakefield, son

February 22

Steven and Jennifer Riegel of Cheshire, daughter

Jacob Johnson and Allyson Bradley of Lucasville, daughter

Donald N. Evans III and Criston Evans of Lucasville, son

Lonnie and Holly Mercer of Waverly, son

Ashley Cook and Brandon Savage of Portsmouth, son

February 23

Miranda Rowe and Steven Scott of Portsmouth, son