Minford area youth rally

Brenda Gibson

February 26, 2013

The Minford area youth rally met on January 14th, 2013. There were 105 in attendance. The faithful attendance banner was awarded to Three Mile Christian Baptist Church. They were also awarded a certificate for having over 50% of their average attendance at the rally. The attendance banner for the largest attendance was awarded to Swauger Valley Free Will Baptist. The next rally will be held on February 11th, 2013 at Porter FWB Church fellowship hall at 7pm. For more information on becoming involved in the rally, contact Jody and Beth Stevens at 740-372-3243.

The results of the January 2013 are:

Primary Sword:

Cedar St. CCCU, first – Lyndsay Heimbach

Three Mile Christian Baptist, second – Morgan Farris, Shelby Farris, Kaylee Fisher

Swauger Valley FWB, third – Alyson Bailey, Kinsley McDermott, Seth Simpson, Isabella Lockhart, Landon Bravo

Junior Sword:

Charity FWB, first – Natalie Lykins, Laken Boston, Deanna Hoover

Cedar St. CCCU, second – Elizabeth Heimbach

Three Mile Christian Baptist, third – Brooklyn Leslie

Senior Sword:

Berean Baptist, first – Josh Stevens, Luke Stevens, Drew Stevens, Allison Hickman

Swauger Valley FWB, second – Gabby Brown, Justin Brown, Sara Simpson, Kailey McDermott

Charity FWB, third - Taylor Cossin, Logan Boston