Adult Probation to move

Wayne Allen

July 30, 2012

Wayne Allen

Common Staff Writer

On Tuesday the Scioto County Commissioners sign a four year lease agreement for property located at 622 6th Street in Portsmouth. The counties Adult probation department will move into the expanded space.

According to Nick Ferrara, Chief Probation Officer the department will begin the move on August 6th.

According to Ferrara the move could not come soon enough.

“Our department is falling down around us. The ceilings are caving in, the roof on this building is nearly non-existant. We’ve got mold, black mold in the back of the building,” Ferrara said. “We’ve grown out of this building. Since we’ve created our own counseling program all of us can’t fit in this building. With this new space we can bring the department together.”

Skip Riffe Chairman of the Scioto County Commissioners the departments current location at 618 6th Street in Portsmouth will likely be leveled and turned into a parking lot.

Riffe said, under the terms of the lease the adult probation department will pay $2,083.33 per month through the four years of the lease.

Riffe said the department will use existing funds to pay the lease each month.

“This will be a defiantly be a good move for the department,” Ferrara said.

He said, once the move is complete the counseling department will be located on the second floor of the building. The probation department will be located on the first floor of the building.