Shawnee State University Dean Writes Play Chosen for Festival

Wayne Allen

July 23, 2012

The Third Annual One Act Play Festival at the Pend Oreille Playhouse in Newport, Wash. has chosen a play by Shawnee State University’s Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Timothy Scheurer, Ph.D.

The festival will be held two days, Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14. Scheurer’s play is on Friday, July 13, with four plays performed beginning at 7 p.m.

Scheurer’s play “Tax Time” was one of only eight plays chosen for the festival. His play received the highest overall score from the reading panel.

Based somewhat on Scheurer’s personal experiences, the play features a couple getting ready to meet with their accountant at tax time. The festival organizers will be videotaping the play which will be sent to Scheurer.

“I was really pleased to be chosen,” Scheurer said. “Theater groups are looking for 10-minute plays. It’s very popular now.”

Scheurer has taught literature and popular culture courses for more than 30 years. He is the author of “Music and Mythmaking in Film: Genre and the Role of the Composer” (McFarland) and “Born in the United States: The Myth of America in Popular Music from Colonial Times to the Present” (University Press of Mississippi).

He has written articles on topics ranging from the music of the Beatles to the films and literature of the Vietnam War to using educational drama in intercultural studies courses.

Scheurer serves on the editorial boards of “Popular Music and Society,” “The Journal of Popular Film and Television,” and “The Journal of American Culture.” He is a past president of the American Culture Association.

Most of his plays are humorous and he is already planning the next one. Scheurer and his wife, Pam, also wrote a 20-page chapter, “The Far Side of the World: Naomi Novik and the Blended Genre of Dragon Fantasy and the Sea Adventure” in the book, “The Journal of Popular Culture.”

Pam Scheurer, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Education at Capital University in Columbus where she teaches Children’s and Young Adult Literature. She has written a number of articles on the use of drama in education.