Garden club disbands after 80 years

Wayne Allen

May 29, 2012

By Wayne Allen
Common Staff Writer

After 80 years of serving the Wheelersburg Community, the Wheelersburg Garden Club has disbanded.
Adah Wagner, a 50 year member of the club said, after a year of discussion the remaining members of the club decided to disband.
"It was had decision for all of us, it was sad to see it go," Wagner said. "When we disbanded, we only had seven members left. All of us have gotten older and some of our members had moved into retirement homes."
Wagner said the club accomplished a lot over the years, "one of our biggest projects was establishing the garden at the center street entrance of Wheelersburg, Wagner said. "We were able to accomplish this project with the help of our husbands. The club the Kiwanis Club of Wheelersburg has taken over pruning and weeding of the garden."
She said other projects over the years have included, starting the Christmas decorating project at Shawnee Lodge in 1990. Later, other garden clubs from in and around Scioto County joined in.
"We were the first garden club in Scioto County to join the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs. Over the years the club handed out numerous awards to business and individuals for beautification," Wagner said.
Wagner said the club was instrumental in the building of the Wheelersburg Community Park and helped with numerous beautification projects at Tracy Park in Portsmouth.
"We also started a Jr. Garden Club at Wheelersburg Elementary but, had to stop because we disbanded," Wagner said.
She said even though the club has disbanded the members have said they plan to stay active in the community.