Work Wrapping Up On Bridge Repair

Wayne Allen

January 2, 2012

In 2010 the Ohio Department Of Transportation awarded a contract to Advantage Steel and Construction for $896,000 to perform work on the U.S. Grant Bridge.
The work included sealing the towers and the deck, adjusting wind ties and stressing cable strands at the Kentucky approach.
"There is a structural part of the project, and there is a maintenance side of the project," Kathleen Fuller, ODOT District 9 Public Information Officer said. "During an inspection one thing we found was the cables from the top of the bridge were pulling up the Kentucky approach. You want to have some resistance from underneath (the bridge) to bring it down."
"There is always going to be some pull on a bridge, but you also have to have that resistance underneath. If the approach is pulling up then the abutment needs to be able to bring it back down," Fuller said.
She said this occurrence is natural in the life of a bridge.
"At the end of October the project was 80 percent complete. When we started we knew this was going to be a year long project," Fuller said.
She said crews are working underneath the bridge and should be finished sometime after the first of the year.