Murals To Be Repainted In June

By Wayne Allen Wallen@

April 11, 2011

Bob Morton, president of the board of directors of Portsmouth Murals Inc., said the murals honoring the Portsmouth Spartans and Branch Rickey that were removed last fall will be repainted in June.
"(Robert) Dafford is due back the first of June. We hope to have them both done by the end of August, if not sooner," Morton said.
He said Portsmouth Murals Inc., will rededicate the Branch Rickey Mural with a celebration on August 28th.
"August 28th is the day Branch Rickey signed the contract with Jackie Robinson," Morton said. "We thought that would be a great day to rededicate the mural."
Morton said Dafford will restore the murals back to the original form.
"If you've noticed the wall it's got a coating on it. We hope that coating is going to be the answer to some of our maintenance problems that we've had with those two murals," Morton said.
The two murals were first painted in 1994, using a different primer that what's currently suggested. The murals were taken down because the primer underneath was starting to fail and would have effected the mural.
"He's (Dafford) going to replace the murals for $10,000 per-mural," Morton said. "We made enough money from the baseball banquet to pay for the restoration. It looks like we are in good shape right now."
According to "the purpose of the floodwall mural project is to create an outdoor art gallery depicting the last two centuries of the history of Portsmouth and the surrounding area. The section of floodwall included in the project is 20 feet high and extends for 2,090 feet along Front Street in the historic Boneyfiddle District of downtown Portsmouth. Painting began in 1993."